High School Entrance Exams:

All sections of the SSAT, ISEE, TACHS, COOP, HSPT, SHSAT, SCAT and other high school entrance exams, Grades 3-10.    For all test preparation, we provide individual evaluation, specific objectives and our own original, “tried and true” materials.

College Entrance Exams:

The English sections of SAT I and SAT II Literature, ACT and other college entrance exams. For all college entrance exam preparation, we provide math/science referrals from our Professionals Network as well as individual evaluation, specific objectives, and our own “tried and true” materials.

Graduate Entrance Exams:

The English sections of the GRE, MCAT,  GMAT, and others.  For all test preparation, we provide extensive evaluation, specific objectives and our own “tried and true” materials.  We also provide referrals to math tutors from our Westchester/Fairfield Professionals Network.

Achievement Exams:

AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, NY State English Language Arts Regents’ Exam, the GED and others.   There are many reasons to want tutoring in achievement exams:  Maybe you want to take an AP but your school does not offer an AP class; maybe the AP Language and Comp is harder than you expected; maybe you want a perfect score on the ELA or the GED; maybe you get nervous on tests and want extra support and greater confidence.

College Preparation Writing:

The College Essay — what style to use, (based on your particular talents and interests) and what topics to address and to avoid (based on research into what essays work).

Elementary, Secondary, College English:

Critical Reading (prose, poetry, drama and fiction), Critical Writing (literary criticism, rhetorical analysis; personal essay, document- or experiment- based essay, persuasive essay), Creative Writing (writing for enjoyment, contests and/or publication).

Study Skills/Executive Functions:

Units in Study Skills and Executive Functions that will help you learn more and raise your grades.  You can learn to focus in class, set goals, study for tests, improve your memory, get started on your school work faster, organize your materials and time, and manage your own methods of thinking.


Do you also need math and science teachers for SAT, ACT, GRE and other tests?  How about a college counselor?  Westchester/Fairfield Professional Network includes tutors as well as college counselors, psychologists, social workers, and education specialists.  Each member of our network has considerable experience and documented success in his or her field.   We will refer you to the right professional.