summer-tutor-joan-barickmanSchool’s out!  The campus is deserted.   What happens now to the 10 months of learning your child just acquired? Does my child need a complete break from studying or will he lose some of the knowledge and skills that he has built up over the school year? While it can be tempting for parents to let their children forget about anything school related for a couple of months, you could be doing them a disservice in the longrun

What happened to those “lazy crazy days of summer” ?

summer-tutoring-joan-barickmanYour child just completed 180 six-hour days of hard work. They deserve a break! But summer after summer, she probably loses 20% of that work; the loss is cumulative—lower grades, SAT or ACT scores or college acceptance. The competitive nature of the world today means that ‘keeping up’ sometimes isn’t good enough. Giving your child a summer tutor, could give them the edge they need to excel in the coming school year and increase their chances of higher performance on SAT/ACT, or of getting into a top college.

Anyway, tutoring is just a few hours/week; she WILL have time for the beach. 

My kids go to great schools, why should I pay for tutoring in the summer?

Even the best schools sometimes have classes as large as 25.  No student can get much individual attention.    Individual attention is good for every student; for those with math anxiety, slow reading, weak vocabulary, or other needs, it may be critical.

Top Summer Tutoring Tip:

To prevent reading loss in elementary and middle school children, enroll your child in a summer reading program. Encourage your child to read at least 6 books over the summer to maintain key reading, literacy and comprehension skills ahead of the school year.

I didn’t get tutored in the summer, and, look, I turned out OK! What’s different?

The world is different!   Work is different: More technological, more intellectual, more global.  Now, postsecondary, not secondary, education is the gateway to many jobs.  Your child’s lifetime economic security, standard of living, and quality of life depend on his level of education.

College entrance is more competitive; some colleges have admission rates under 10%.  SAT’s and ACT’s matter much more than they used to.  Plus, so many students now get tutoring, those who don’t are at a disadvantage.

Summer is certainly a time for relaxation, but it’s also a time for learning.  We expect budding athletes and actors to spend the summer at soccer camp or repertory theatre; we expect young swimmers to have swimming coaches and young pianists to have private music teachers in July and August.  Why shouldn’t budding adults have summer training in the skills they need for adulthood?  They should if they are to have high grades, competitive SAT and ACT scores, good college experiences, and successful futures.

Barickman Tutoring offers a range of academic summer tutoring programs that are designed around the requirements of your child. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all method. Your child is unique and should have the most individual attention and tutoring to ensure success.

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