How much difference can tutoring make on entrance tests such as the  SSAT, ISEE, ACT, SAT I and SAT II?

An enormous difference.   I have had students this year raise their SAT scores more than 250 points in just the two English sections together.  A good tutor, using up-to-date methods and individual evaluation, can help you meet your goals.

Should I take the ACT or the SAT?

You can take the PSAT for the SAT and the PLAN for the ACT in the beginning of your junior year and get an idea by yourself that way.   You can also take free practice tests on line.

Most people, however, prefer an expert opinion.  Your tutor should, after working with you a couple of times, be able to help you answer that question.  Her recommendation will depend on your particular skills, experiences, and goals.

Take both the SAT and the ACT if you have the time and money. While the two tests have differences, the basic prep is similar and the few different aspects can be covered in a relatively short time.

Why is a private tutor better than a prep course?

Prep courses don’t work for most students.  The average score increase is 30 points.  Good private professional tutors do much better.  My students’ average score improvement over the last 5 years on the SAT is more than 100 points for the reading section and over 100 points for the writing section.

Why is private tutoring expensive?

It isn’t.   In a typical academic class or typical test prep course, the work is aimed at the middle.  A good, professional tutor develops an individual program for you.  She targets your particular needs and skills and develops materials and methods suited to your learning style; so you won’t waste your time and money learning material you don’t need and missing skills you do need.  In short, with a good, professional private tutor, you can achieve more in a shorter time.

What is the typical cost of a tutor?

Tutors’ rates vary enormously by the geographical area and by the tutor’s experience.  Tutors in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT, fall into two main categories:  beginning tutors and professional tutors.

Beginning tutors charge up to $100/hr. These tutors might be just beginning their careers or they might have recently retired from other professions.   These types of tutors make up the bulk of tutors at tutoring services.  There are, of course, tutors who charge way less than $100.  Your neighbor’s teenage son who’s good at math, for example, might charge $20/hr.

Professional tutors charge between $100 to $250/hr.  They are experienced in tutoring. Many of them have high-level college degrees and state teaching certifications.  Often the people at the top of this range have publications.  They also have demonstrable success.  There are a few tutors who charge more than  $250.  Generally they are professional tutors with public name recognition.

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